Join in!

How can you help?

By monthly transferring an amount of money to Stg. Arise and Shine Netherlands, which has the IBAN account number NL34 RABO 0307 1498 46. If you live in a SEPA country (which is the Euro-zone plus some more countries like Great Britain and Norway), such transaction is free of charge if the payment is in Euro currency. If you want to donate just once, we appreciate that very much. But our main aim is to give Arise and Shine Uganda the certainty of a constant monthly donation, because salaries need to be paid each month. You may donate EU 10 or more, but feel also free to give a smaller contribution. Arise and Shine Netherlands collects all large and small contributions and sends them monthly to the Baby Care Home, where they can count on a constant contribution that helps covering the running costs.

Each donation has two effects: it provides the means to take care of children that have no place else to go, and it contributes to the salaries of the aunties and thereby helps their families.

Do you want to become a donor? Order your bank to monthly transfer the same amount of money to Arise and Shine Netherlands and send us an e-mail at or fill out the contact form. If you pay in Euro, even if your currency is not Euro, there are no transfer costs for almost all European countries.

How much money is needed?

At this moment, we receive enough contributions to pay the salaries of the six aunties and two male helpers. Together they earn roughly 450 euro per month. It is our ambition to be able to pay also the salaries of Sharon herself and of the employees at the Office. The Office does not only take care of the normal administrative tasks, but it also monitors the development of the children, it coaches the aunties, it resettles children with their families, and it helps the families during resettlement. Thus, our ambition is to raise the donation level to 830 Euro per month.

Is the money used as intended?

Arise and Shine Netherlands (AASN) helps Arise and Shine Uganda (AASU) with a monthly contribution to the salaries of the aunties of the Baby Care Home. In return, the board of AASU provides evidence to AASN how much salary each auntie has received. In this way, it is clear that the money is used as intended. Moreover, AASN receives the budget, annual report, and bank statements from AASU.
AASN has no overhead costs except for the bank costs and the costs of the domain name. The board and the sound board group consist of volunteers who do not receive payment. Therefore, almost all the money that is collected, goes directly to AASU. Details are provided on the transparency page of this website.